Face Seals and Annular Coatings
Above:Greystone executives, Everett Fernald (at left); David Lippy (center), and Steve Durkin, Sales Engineer (right) discuss Greystone's extensive offerings and expertise.
Greystone Solenoid Plating
Above:Greystone executives, Everett Fernald (at left); John Maconi (center), and David Lippy (right) discuss Greystone's experience and understanding of solenoid plating. Further, learn about specific processes that Greystone uses to plate solenoids with few or no nodules.
Medical Chrome Plating: Autoclaving
Above: Greystone executive, David Lippy (right) discusses Greystone's experience and innovation in Medical Chrome Autoclaving, with Rawl Rutter (left), Business Manager for Greystone's plating subsidiary Induplate.
Selective Zinc Plating
Above: Greystone executive, David Lippy (right) discusses Greystone's abilities in Selective Zinc Plating, with Rawl Rutter (left), Business Manager for Greystone's plating subsidiary Induplate.

Case Studies

Greystone Solenoid Plating

Greystone has a long history in chrome plating solenoid valves. Our two plants are capable of producing hundreds of thousands of parts. Greystone commitment to high volume solenoid plating, its ability to automate its process allows Greystone to handle these parts almost without anyone touching them. We employ 30 engineers on staff at these plants. We will create custom lines specially designed with CAD software by our engineering teams. Our strength is the ability to provide on-site technical ramp-up expertise both in our facilities and that of our customers.

Chrome Plating: Face Seals, Mating Parts & Annular Surfaces

Chrome plating on flat surfaces is a difficult proposition for most platers due to the impact of geometry on the coating process. Greystone, through its long-standing and strong relationship with major aircraft engine manufacturers, has developed a proprietary process to effectively control the coating distribution across these difficult geometries.

Selective Zinc Plating

Zinc Plating has its unique challenges, and Greystone understands and meets them. Our focus is always ensuring that performance in the field is the measure of success. Furthermore, Greystone has a particular strength in the new requirements for trivalent or hex-free chromate conversion coatings for zinc and zinc-alloy plating; with zinc alloy plating used for superior corrosion protection in certain applications.

Selective Zinc Plating
This can be difficult for many companies to offer. Greystone, using some of the capabilities and expertise we have in aerospace, has been able to apply these methods to create efficient selective zinc and zinc-alloy plating solutions that provide consistent quality at a low cost.

Medical Chrome Plating

For medical equipment, chrome coating is unique in that it provides hardness and withstands repeated sterilization while retaining high lubricity. While there are various applications for chrome within the medical industry, a particular challenge was presented using an aluminum substrate. Adhesion of the coating is a key to providing a long-lasting, functional coating.
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